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Tuning into the


soul of the piano.

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„Maria Baptist is a magician
of the soul at the piano.“

–About Jazz

„Somewhere in-between Jazz and Classical Music, Maria Baptist’s style is mainly driven by her personality.“

Videos from the Self-Portrait Tour

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Tuning into the
soul of the piano

Maria Baptists‘ genuine artistry, splendid virtuosity and charming personality have brought her to the top of Europe’s current jazz scene — she once gave a private piano concert for Michael Jackson, received numerous awards, is touring worldwide, leads her own orchestra and has released eleven CDs as a band leader. New York City is Maria’s home of heart, Berlin her home-base of choice.
Jazz legend Maria Schneider sums up the inspiring power of Maria Baptist’s music in this way: „Her music is a gift, infused with all the creativity, power, emotion, generosity and warmth that she exudes in life.“
It is fascinating to see how Maria Baptist organically combines contrasts, plays full of energy while expressing lyrically, and creates one whole out of varied stylistic elements.


With her wide reaching resources and endless fantasy, Maria Baptist forms something personal, something magical.“ She is a magician of the soul at the piano“, as described by aboutjazz about her recording ‚Self-Portrait‘.

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