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Poems without Words

„Maria Baptist created one of the most interesting contemporary jazz formations in Europe.“


„Poems Without Words makes an eloquent showcase for Maria Baptist’s range of facets while revealing yet another new angle in the process.“

–All About Jazz
Videos from the Poems without Words Tour

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Most exciting jazz
formation in Europe

Maria Baptists‘ genuine artistry, splendid virtuosity and charming personality have brought her to the top of Europe’s current jazz scene — she once gave a private piano concert for Michael Jackson, received numerous awards, is touring worldwide, leads her own orchestra and has released eleven CDs as a band leader. New York City is Maria’s home of heart, Berlin her home-base. Besides, she is a mindfulness and meditation-devotee.


Jazz legend Maria Schneider sums up the inspiring power of Maria Baptist’s music in this way: „Her music is a gift, infused with all the creativity, power, emotion, generosity and warmth that she exudes in life.“
With her trio plus one Maria Baptist has created one of the „most exciting contemporary jazz formations in Europe“ (artistic director 12on14 Jazzclub). On their new album „Poems without Words“, the four musicians create „deep worlds of sound, which are seldom heard in Europe today“ (Jazz journalist Cosmo Scharmer).


Touching melodies, contrasting with powerful outbursts, balladic lines transform into fast-paced sequences of notes. All this is presented with a „technical ability at the highest level and with a musical intelligence that forms a perfectly harmonious quartet from the Trio plus One.“ (AAZ) For all who like „jazz, funk and pop-rock, a concert by Maria Baptist is „a musical revelation“ (KN).


Fabian Timm (bass), John Betsch (drums), Jan von Klewitz (sax)

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