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Tuning into the


soul of the piano.

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Release: August 24, 2018

„Musicians like Maria Baptist are role models of a whole new jazz generation.“


„Resonance, simply said, is great piano music that doesn‘t need the categories of classical, contemporary or jazz music. It speaks for itself.“

–Cosmo Scharmer

„Maria Baptist is a magician
of the soul at the piano.“

–About Jazz
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Tuning into the
soul of the piano

Piano magician, melodic storyteller, orchestra composer and meditation devotee Maria Baptist tunes into the soul of the piano on her third solo recording Resonance.


Maria Baptist has two passions: music and meditation. “There is actually an essential link to both“ Maria explains — “improvising is always about creating out of nothing and that’s also what meditation attempts to do.” Resonance outlines Maria’s relationship to music and mindfulness — and by extension, inspires her listeners to dive deeper into the present moment with her.


The music she recorded is as intellectually compelling, as it is emotionally intense — it is filled with magical moments that resonate with the listeners’ soul.
Maria Baptists‘ genuine artistry, splendid virtuosity and charming personality have brought her to the top of Europe’s current jazz scene — she once gave a private piano concert for Michael Jackson, received numerous awards, is touring worldwide, leads her own orchestra and has released eleven CDs as a band leader. New York City is Maria’s home of heart, Berlin her home-base of choice.


Jazz legend Maria Schneider sums up the inspiring power of Maria Baptist’s music in this way: „Her music is a gift, infused with all the creativity, power, emotion, generosity and warmth that she exudes in life.“

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